What’s Behind Three New Space Themed IPAs

space IPAs
space IPAs

Three different Breweries have just announced or launched space-themed IPA’s.  Ok, that’s kind of cool, but there must be something else going on.  What sinister development in the Global Industrial Beer Takeover has spurred this development?

According to this article is takes brewers at least 6 months and usually closer to 12 months to launch a new brew.  This can only mean that the plan was hatched sometime last year!  These guys are playing the long game.

For some reason, the Beer Conspiracy has insisted that 3 different independent breweries launch seriously bitter IPA’s all at once. OK, we can only conclude that this is the first wave of beers intended to appeal to aliens.  That’s right, the beer conspiracy has decided that this one planet is no longer enough and that there’s not enough beer in space.  

We will now start calling it the Galactic Beer Industrial Complex.

What do they drink on other planets?  It doesn’t matter, because soon enough, it will be beer.  Little green men from Mars (or wherever) will soon be stocking up on Earth beer and flying willy-nilly out into the cosmos!  The fact that all these new brews are IPA’s must mean that in taste tests this is the kind of brew that aliens from space prefer.

We’d be upset about this, except that we want to taste these new beers and see what aliens prefer to drink.  They’ll be taking the high road into space with these ales, so let’s see what it does to us!