Cuba Running Out of Beer!

cuba tropical beer ad
cuba tropical beer ad

Cuba, the little island nation to our south, is running out of beer!  What a catastrophe!
Apparently, the reason is that so many tourists have been visiting Cuba and drinking it all up.

The solution is for the communist government to simply build a new brewery.  If only it were that easy elsewhere, like when I run out of beer at home.  A government-built brewery in my home (or nearby, like maybe the garage or backyard) would be wonderful!!

A beer-deprived Cuba would seriously damage the newfound tourism since the USA has recently decided to relax sanctions against the communist dictatorship.  Don’t forget that Cuba was once a tropical Caribbean playground of the rich and famous before Fidel Castro went and ruined it all.

We’re in favor of new breweries everywhere, but wonder just how deeply Cuba has succumbed to the International Corporate Beer Industrial Complex.  Are they are of the problem?  Or just happily drinking on the sidelines?

Here’s some more info. from Esquire Magazine