coors light lgbtq+

We have no idea why an average light beer drinker would care if Bud Light is friendly with Trans persons. But here you have it. People so threatened by the very existence of transsexual people that they will stop drinking a particular light beer. LOL! It’s not like it’s great beer or even tasty. If you want to switch beers do it for a good reason, not because you’re afraid of other people because they are different and they happen to drink the same beer you do.

Nobody cared when Bud Light tried to convince us that aliens from outer space were drinking their beer!

alien grabbing a bud light out of a fridge

Here’s a question to ask yourself: If you found out that Ted Bundy preferred Coors Light to Bud Light would you stop drinking Coors Light for that reason? What if it were Hitler or Xi Jinping or Saddam Hussein?

Anheuser Busch is not promoting Bud Light as “the beer trans people prefer” or anything like that. And who cares if they do? They are a massive corporation that wants to sell beer to everyone. All this proves is that the Global Industrial Beer Complex is getting a little more desperate to find new light beer drinkers… Oh it also proves that some people are just stupid.

To clarify that last statement…

We think anyone who drinks light beer all the time is stupid. light beer is basically regular beer with less alcohol. Making it, in our learned opinion, not worth taking the time to drink. No matter how it tastes or how it’s advertised, light beer is a complete waste of time.

Oh, yeah… and this:

Coors Light supports LGBTQ+