Beer Used for Political Gain… Again

According to CNN, yet another US president will use beer for his political advantage. President Joe Biden has teamed up with Beer Overlords Anheuser-Busch to offer the whole country a beer if they reach Biden’s vaccination goal by the Fourth of July. The goal is 70% of American adults having received at least one vaccination… Continue reading Beer Used for Political Gain… Again

The Beer Conspiracy

We believe that the Beer (and other Liquor) companies are a crucial part of the New World Order Conspiracy… probably… They are systematically keeping the Free World drunk, or at least buzzed enough so that we won’t pay attention to or worry about their other diabolical plans. Everywhere you look, even on TV, there are… Continue reading The Beer Conspiracy

Ancient Peruvians Made Hallucinogenic Beer

National Geographic magazine has reported that archeologists have found traces of psychotropic Vilca seeds in the remains of the vessels used to prepare chicha, a beer-like drink containing roughly 5% alcohol. The discovery was made in Quilcapampa, a Wari village in southern Peru. The ruins were from approximately 1,100 years ago.  The hallucinogenic properties of… Continue reading Ancient Peruvians Made Hallucinogenic Beer