The Beer Conspiracy

The beer conspiracy

We believe that the Beer (and other Liquor) companies are a crucial part of the New World Order Conspiracy… probably…

They are systematically keeping the Free World drunk, or at least buzzed enough so that we won’t pay attention to or worry about their other diabolical plans.

Everywhere you look, even on TV, there are ads for beer and other alcoholic drinks. Everywhere. You probably even have some beer advertising in your home. A PBR t-shirt, or a Budweiser key chain. Maybe a collection of beer steins on the mantle. You have become a part of the conspiracy that allows these huge multinational conglomerates to keep selling the only legal addictive drug in the free world (other than nicotine… and caffeine, but those are entirely different conspiracies and someone else will have to build those websites).

Alcohol kills more people each year than war! (We are Not suggesting that anyone should give up either.)

Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t suggesting that alcohol be banned. Prohibition didn’t work in the past and it won’t work any better today. We like a nice cold beer as much as the next person, but we’d rather drink our own homebrew, untouched by greedy corporate hands! (Except, of course, for when we are out of homebrew, which we usually are… because we don’t actually brew any ourselves, though, we know people who do, or so they have told us.)

We present here articles of interest that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there’s something that doesn’t smell quite right in the International Beer Industrial Complex, headquartered in Bavaria, or maybe Belgium.  Read them for yourself and you decide if you are going to continue playing right into their hands when you’re crying into your beer, or if it’s time to take back your beer and drink it!