Sponsorships? or Paid Access?

Two NASCARs sponsored by Bud and Lite
two nascars sponsored by bud and lite


They’re everywhere permeating almost every facet of life.
It takes a federal law to prohibit advertising alcohol to minors, yet they still sell beer on TV, and at the supermarket and 7-11.
Beer companies sponsor everything (and by sponsor we mean pay vast sums of money to advertise on)… everything from rock bands to NASCAR.
According to USA Today (link)
Budweiser sponsors Dale Earnhart Jr.!!!
Coors does Sterling Marlin
Miller Lite owns Rusty Wallace

The advertising is pervasive and difficult for even a child to avoid. It’s there in all the pro sports…
They sponsor NFL Football (link), MLB Baseball (link), Tennis (link), World Cup Soccer (link) (Yes, this makes it an International Conspiracy), Formula One Racing (link), and even Rugby (link)

Even the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia (link) and The 2008 Olympics (link) in China have an official beer sponsor. (Is this an indicator that the New World Order will be a communist state?!!)

Outside of sports there are all these entertainment options corrupted (enhanced?) by beer:
Alpinist Film Festival (link)
Univision (link)

According to Budweiser.com they currently sponsor the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and the World Poker Tour!
The Coors site lists: Surfing, American Movie legends, NASCAR, NFL, and the Colorado Railroad Museum! (link) (A BEER SPONSOR for a MUSEUM!!!)
Miller (link) appears tied in with Sprint (cellphones – That means they’ll be listening on you now, too.) as well as musical artists Aimee Mann, Warren Zanes, Ben Gibbard, Paul Westerberg, Black Francis, Patty Griffin, Jim James and Elvis Costello!!

Would we even know about Clydesdale draft horse teams if it weren’t for Bud? Probably not, and more power to those guys who make a living caring for the horses. They’ve had a great big money sponsor for decades.

Study: Alcohol Ads Target Youth (link)

We’re just scratching the surface here… More to come.