Evidence that Aliens are Involved

giant rolling rock bottles

Now That’s A Six Pack

A huge six pack of beer was left behind this weekend by a group of giant alien party goers. The beer cans are 40 feet tall and are completely full.

The Grassy Knoll Institute was able to interview Johnny, an eyewitness on the scene, (Everyone calls him lucky) said that after his 40th pickup order of the day, he was really, really thirsty. As he turned the corner on his way home, there they were. Six beautiful beer cans full of premium ice cold beer. Johnny said he scaled the beer cans like a billy goat climbs mountains and in an instant he was at the summit of the beer cans. Just as Johnny was about to achieve Nirvana, he suddenly realized why everyone calls him lucky.

The cans were not easy pull tab cans and Johnny did not have a can opener.

His wailing despair brought calls to the police and the Grassy Knoll Institute arrived at the scene. The Grassy Knoll Institute transported the Giant Alien beer by refrigerated rail car back to it’s secret laboratory.

There’s a ticket on the printer Johnny……..