Bud Trolls Trump – by Accident?

superbowl LI logo

Budweiser is running a Super Bowl ad this year, just like always. This time, though, the ad doesn’t feature hot babes drinking beer or Clydesdales hauling beer or puppies that have nothing to do with beer. This year the topic is immigration! That’s right. Just a couple of weeks after the Trumpster put out his ban on Muslims, Budweiser shows a nice commercial featuring the story of Adolphus Busch, the co-founder of Anheuser-Busch – who brews Budweiser, and his immigration to the good ole USA. Bud claims they thought up the idea like 6 months ago and why should we doubt them? What’s awesome is that it points out the turmoils that any immigrant faces when moving to ‘Merica and reminds us that we are all immigrants or the descendants of immigrants (Except for Native Americans, of course). 

What makes this important is that it shows the split between Trump and the biggest global player in the Beer Industrial Complex. Apparently, even they cannot control him. They are left to using their massive propaganda machine to discredit his policies. The biggest of the big in the war for beer has chosen sides and they don’t care for Frumpy Trumpy.