Beer Overlords Attending DAVOS 2017

DAVOS 2017
DAVOS 2017

For those of you not already familiar with DAVOS, it is a regular conference meeting of the world’s elite business interests. DAVOS provides a relaxing and comfortable, non-judgmental environment where our global corporate overlords and their political puppets can plan exactly how they want to keep control over the world’s consumers. Yes. That means you.

For years we have been telling you about how the Global (possibly intergalactic) Beer Industrial Complex has been helping to keep us all under control by selling us beer (and wine and liquor, etc.).  Now here’s more proof that they are indeed involved with DAVOS.  According to this site: HERE  These are a few of the many attendees of this 2017 DAVOS conference, and the companies they work for:

Tony Milikin
Chief Procurement Officer, Anheuser-Busch InBev NV

Ricardo Tadeu
Zone President, Africa, Anheuser-Busch InBev NV

Laurence Debroux
Member of the Executive Board and Chief Financial Officer, HEINEKEN NV

Jean-François van Boxmeer
Chairman of the Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer, HEINEKEN NV

Siobhan Moriarty
General Counsel, Diageo Plc

Flemming Besenbacher
Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Carlsberg A/S

Cees ‘t Hart
Chief Executive Officer, Carlsberg A/S

Interestingly, we couldn’t find anyone listed for MolsonCoors (nor Molson nor Coors – We suspect they may be attending incognito.) and Diageo (who own Guinness, Harp, etc.) are only sending a lawyer with a name that sounds like a sexy villain from a Sherlock Holmes movie. (We’re certain she is a fine attorney)  If that doesn’t scream international conspiracy loud enough for you, then maybe this will:

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Dangerous and Hot! Siobahn Moriarity here shown presumably threatening to sue 4 enemies at once with nothing more than a ballpoint pen and her intimidating wit!