Lagunitas Brewing Pays Off Chicago Mayor – Legally!

six pack of lagunitas sucks beer
six pack of lagunitas sucks beer

We salute the ballsy, but honest guys that run Lagunitas Brewery!

They went to the chronically graft riddled city of Chicago, opened up a brewery and taproom there, and then donated $25,000 to the mayor.  All above board and legal like.

This move shows that at least this one previously small micro-brewery is highly profitable as well as interested in shaping politics that are usually left to the big boys, like InBev.

And they even embrace the negative by brewing a “Lagunitas Sucks” ale.

Way to go guys!  Please let us know when you are ready to buy up a bunch of smaller microbreweries to form your own international conglomerate and buy some sweet advertising space right here on this site.

More info can be found here and here