GOP Finally Gets It

would you drink a beer with this guy
would you drink a beer with this guy

At long last, the head of the Republican Party, Reince Priebus (what kind of name is that?), has a real test that should provide them with a good man to run for President in the next election.  The “Beer Test” for candidates is simply this: Would you have a beer with this guy?

If the answer is No, then he’s not a good candidate.

In our opinion, if he’s buying, then that would help. Maybe not enough in many cases, but we can honestly say that we would still like to sit down and have a beer with Bill Clinton, G.W. Bush, or Obama.  Jimmy Carter, too!

Let’s hope the Democrats use the same test for their candidate.

So, no matter who the various parties nominate, that’s how we’re gonna decide who to vote for, which one would we rather drink a beer with?