Government Conspiracy Nuts Hanging Out, Drinking Beer, and Smoking Pot

bundy beer conspirators
bundy beer conspirators

A group of former ranchers who decided that the U.S. government was up to no good, took over a Federal Wildlife facility in northeast Oregon.  Since then they have been drinking beer, smoking pot, and waiting to die in the inevitable shootout with the Feds.

While we applaud them for their courage to stand up to Uncle Sam and his cronies, we kind of wonder if they are making the best use of their time.  Surely, the beer-drinking puts them under the control of the Global Beer Industrial Complex and the pot just makes them stupid or bored. Either way, they aren’t furthering their cause. 

According to this article they are being arrested one or two at a time as they leave the compound in search of, presumably, groceries, ammunition, more beer, pot, and possibly a reason to live.

Way to get everyone’s attention and then drop the ball, guys!  The beer alone is reason enough for us!