Freemasons and Beer

masonic stein

Everybody knows that Freemasonry is at the heart of all global conspiracy theories.
So the questions is, what is their role in the beer conspiracy?

As one can plainly see from the articles and tidbits below, FreeMasons drink beer. Most of them anyway, as far as we can guess. That’s proof enough for us. If you have anything better, please send it in and we’ll post it here.

How about this:

The Freemasons Arms, Covent Garden, UK

Here’s a link to where anyone can buy from a wide assortment of masonic beer steins.

masonic beer stein

Clearly, they take their beer drinking seriously.

Super King Solomon

king solomon beer

The most Masonic beer in the world, the “Super King Solomon” beer is brewed in British Columbia, Canada and sold in Japan.

This just seems like a sign if you ask me. I don’t know if you have read the joke about, “What do you desire most?” But this certainly seems to be extremely appropriate!

Now I’m no expert, but this might just be our Masonic duty? =o)

You can’t disagree with King Solomon, let alone SUPER King Solomon!

“It’s Masonicly delicious!”

In 1880s Manchester, England there was a line of ginger beer sold by M Davies & Son with the bottles stamped with the square and compasses while at about the same time W.S. Haysworth sold Ye Old Fashioned Ginger Beer in Preston, also with a square and compasses trademark.