Denver’s Mayor is a Brewmaster


The beer conspirators have infiltrated the government on many levels. A perfect example is Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.

Hick started out as a pioneer in the microbrew biz. He started up Denver’s First Brewpub the Wynkoop Brewery in a dismal run-down part of town, where even the bums didn’t want to hang out and drink cheap beer.
He put it into a massive old building, threw in a kitchen, a bunch of pool tables and started selling beer at wildly inflated prices. They even offered comedy in the spooky old basement. It took a lot of beer, but even this reporter ventured down there a few times and marveled that whole place hasn’t collapsed into a pile of suds. Apparently, it’s a pretty strong building.
Within a decade not only had the business become a huge success, but the entire neighborhood was transformed by the addition of Denver’s first Major League baseball Stadium, Coors Field. Money gushed in, riding on a wave of beer.
Hick’s empire grew to as many as a half dozen restaurants, each with a bar inside it that does (or did in a few cases where the places have since closed) sell beer.

The Wynkoop’s brews never made it very far out of Denver, but J-Loop became a very powerful man.

When the local politicos didn’t want to drink his suds, he ran for Mayor and won.
Beer-addled Denver, the capital city of Microbrews and brewpubs is also the home to the International HQ of Coors-Molsen.
More about that in another article.

The Wynkoop hosts the annual “Beer Drinker of the year award” Which we have never won, not even once. Not that we’re bitter or anything… but we do drink a lot of beer feel that the world owes us a little recognition.
More proof of the political connection: Young Democratic Happy Hour meets there.
Rocky Mountain MBAA meets at Wynkoop Brewery

“The local FOX affiliate covers SAFER Executive Director Mason Tvert’s comments at an election forum held at Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper’s brewpub.” – This is from this site: which is an organization that encourages the legalization of pot, on the reasoning that it’s safer to consume than alcohol. We figure there’s a conspiracy there, too, but that a different website.
“What people in Denver don’t realize is that Denver is considered the Munich of the West, the Napa Valley of beer.” –John Hickenlooper Mayor of Denver and founder of Wynkoop Brewery in Downtown Denver From
When the ballpark opened, John Hickenlooper, now Denver’s mayor, owned the Wynkoop Brewing Co. at Wynkoop and 18th streets. Sales, usually slower in the summer, increased 50 percent during that first season, he said. When the season ended, Hickenlooper and other restaurant owners expected their sales to go down. Instead, business remained just as strong. – From the Rocky Mountain News