Donald Trump Renames Budweiser to America

murica beer

Donald Trump has been quoted as taking credit for Budweiser renaming their flagship brew to America.

Actually, it was Anheuser Busch InBev, coincidentally based in Belgium, that decided to rename America’s most popular beer, but we are absolutely certain that they only did this because Donald Trump told them to, or inspired them to, or something vague and misleading along those lines. It’s not at all likely that they did this to capitalize on American Patriotism that’s likely to peak out in the coming month as we celebrate the 4th of July, the Olympics, and other big national events that will stir up patriotism. No. That would be stupid.

Here’s a quote from CBS News (read it here): 

Fox News early Wednesday, the presumptive GOP nominee was asked whether he believed he “had something to do with Budweiser changing the name of their beer” to “America,” a rebranding effort reported earlier this month by Ad Age.

Trump responded, “I think so. They’re so impressed with what our country will become. They decided to do this before the fact.”

 We are more impressed with this packaging created as a response to the Budweiser rebranding:

murica beer

This captures the true identity of American Beer drinkers who will likely vote for Trump.
(Likelihood carefully calculated from data secretly obtained from recently leaked top-secret files from Global Beer Industrial Complex insiders who claim to have been extricating such numbers from their numerous and voluminous confidential rectal sources.) Sounds good to us!