Bud Buying Corona

six pack of cornoas
six pack of cornoas

AB-Inbev is buying up Grupo Modelo, the maker of Corona and other mostly Mexican brands of beer.

So what does this mean for the Global Beer Industrial Complex (GBIC)?

It means a further consolidation of the industry.  It means fewer people/companies have more control over the beer we all drink.  The same company that makes Budweiser, Bud Light, and a host of others will now own all the beer in Mexico.  This is one more country conquered.  One more country that can be controlled when they start adding mind-altering chemicals to their brews.  (You know, like alcohol.)

Surprisingly, some politicians have started asking questions about whether this is too much consolidation.  The big 2 beer companies: Inbev and Molson-Coors control virtually all the mass-marketed beer in the civilized world.

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What surprises us the most is that there are still a few American politicians who are not completely controlled by the GBIC. Don’t be shocked if these noble warriors end up run off the road by drunk drivers or worse!.  Or maybe it’s just a facade to draw our attention away from the real problem… whatever that might be.  One thing is for sure.  With more consolidation in the industry, there will be less choice at the bar.  They already bought up most of the beer taps out there.  Make room for some local microbrews, there buddy!  Or bow down and kiss the ass of the GBIC.