Bilderbergers are Influencing Canadian Beer Stores

bilderberg conspiracy pyramid
bilderberg conspiracy pyramid

According to this article, the debate in Canada’s government about allowing Beer Stores to open mini-stores inside regular grocery stores is possibly being influenced by Bilderberg Meeting participants.  If that ain’t a global Beer Conspiracy, we don’t know what is…

In our book (not entirely written, yet) when a Union leader starts spouting off about Bilderberg conspiracies in relation to anything, you have to take it seriously.  But when it’s in relation to Beer, that’s when we take notice and let you all know about it, too.  Is it time for Canadians to start hoarding beer? Well, maybe, because the one thing for certain is that the price of beer is going up.  Should we encourage everyone in Canada to put a stop to this by simply not buying any more beer at the Beer Stores? (Thereby crippling those Bilderberg attending bastards who are using it to control you.)  

Heck, no!  

We like beer as much as anyone, so our advice is to drink up while you can still afford it and then vote everyone out of office at the first opportunity.  (This won’t really solve anything, since the same Bilderberger bastards already, or soon will, control whoever else is running for election, but it might make us feel better in the short term.)