Alien Beer Overlords Messing with The Matrix… Again

Actual photo of an alien overlord drinking beer
Actual photo of an alien overlord drinking beer

Our Alien Beer Overlords have clearly been messing with The Matrix again.  You can see this simply by watching the recent Academy Awards Show. Obviously, La La Land was supposed to win that Oscar, but whoever is in control of the matrix decided to mess with us by changing the reality at the last moment (or maybe a little later).

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, scientists now believe we may be living in a simulation, not very different from that portrayed in The Matrix movies. (Great article from Scientific American explains all this.)

The events that happened recently at the Academy Awards and the US presidential election are just the 2 biggest examples of how the Matrix controller(s) must be messing with us. This is exactly what it’s like when there is a glitch in the matrix. Here’s a bunch of stories that demonstrate common day matrix glitches

So who is doing this to us? Why won’t they just let us live our boring lives? It’s clearly the Aliens who control the Galactic Beer Industrial Complex.  Who else would care about the Oscars? This smells to us like someone got a little buzzed on strong beer and said, WTF, that opening song and dance sequence in La La Land wasn’t that good. The movie was good, but not Best Picture good. So let’s mess with them and give it to another film. LOL!