US Government Influenced by Foreign Powers

Nazi beer
Nazi beer

OK, calm down, it was a hundred years ago.  According to these guys, the US government was infiltrated by German Brewers intent on influencing the direction of the entire country.

It was World War I  (Or The Great War, as it was known until WWII). and there were millions of German-born immigrants and their children living in the USA, who were obviously more interested in siding with their Fatherland than with the rest of Europe. They controlled a key commodity: Beer. Even today you will likely recognize some of the players: Pabst, Schlitz, Anheuser-Busch, Miller, and Coors. These were just some of the German-friendly brewers who were making fortunes selling beer at the time.

When America declared war on Germany, the Federal Government even seized property, including breweries viewed as being owned by German citizens (They didn’t do that to any brewers who were US citizens.)

Some of these brewers even bought up newspapers and pumped out fake (Pro-German) news. They donated to campaigns of politicians who were friendly to German interests and exerted every influence they could.

Thankfully they failed and were essentially punished with Prohibition shortly thereafter.

Crazy times, but somehow strikingly familiar…