Obama Caves – Gives Away Beer Recipe

white house honey ale

According to ABC News, the White House has knuckled under to public pressure and will release heretofore secret information concerning the home-brewed beer Obama has been swilling.

Beer Freedom Advocates had started a petition to force the Obama Administration to release the recipe for its White House Honey Ale.

This is further proof that the US Government is in cahoots, possibly even in charge of, the Global Beer Conspiracy.  It’s only surprising that they’d release such sacrosanct data to quell a minor uprising among homebrewers.  There’s likely more to this… possibly a deeper conspiracy to overwhelm the population with ever sweeter beer flavors, or something to do with the bee die-offs. Maybe this is what Clint Eastwood was drinking before his celebrated diatribe to an empty chair at the RNC… or maybe they are just too arrogant to realize what harm may come.

You can read all the details and make up your own mind  here