Budweiser sells out to InBev!

hitler with a bud

Budweiser has agreed to sell its soul to InBev. (Read here if you don’t believe it)

What does this mean for the Beer Conspiracy that controls most of the world?

Well, InBev is based in Belgium, the birthplace of beer as we know it, so it kind of makes sense. This may be their masterstroke to finally take direct control of the USA.

Remember that John McCain’s wife is a Budweiser distributor.? If he wins the election, we will all need to learn how to speak German.


Here’s how it works:

Belgium is in the European Union along with countries such as Germany. We don’t need to remind everyone that Germany was the base for Hitler and the rest of his fascist regime, so it follows that those German fascists are about to take control of Budweiser. I dunno about you, but, this bud’s not for me anymore. I’m sticking to microbrews just to make sure someone retains their senses after they spike the Bud and turn everyone into Goose-stepping Nazi Zombies.