Budweiser Discloses Beer Ingredients

beer ingredients
beer ingredients

Shockingly, Budweiser has knuckled under from pressure applied by the people.  That’s right someone petitioned Bud to tell us all what the heck is in their beer.  Turns out it only the usual suspects: water, barley malt, rice, yeast, and hops.

OMG!  Bud Light is nearly organic!  Where are the preservatives with names too long to pronounce?  What about the mind-altering addictive chemicals? What about the stuff they put in the chemtrails?

Maybe it’s not true.  Maybe the only addictive chemical is alcohol… Nah!  Can’t be, that’d be too easy.  There must be something else.  Something else that makes us want to drink more, and more, and…  But what?

Here’s more info: click here and here’s the “FoodBabe” who started it all.