Beer Lobbyists Mostly Republican

beer fawkes

According to this article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer

…most of the Beer Industry lobbyists lean toward the conservative party, and there is an entire “battalion” working on behalf of the liquor industry, in Ohio alone!

(Wikipedia defines a battalion as “…unit of around 300–1,200”)

That means as many as 1,200 Beer lobbyists in Ohio Alone!!

Judging from beer commercials, they are mostly healthy, young (but old enough to drink legally, mind you) women wearing skimpy clothing.

We can easily deduce from this that Republicans like to drink more beer than Democrats. (Who wouldn’t under those circumstances?)  And everyone knows that it’s much easier to get that girl in bed after you’ve poured enough beer into her.  Therefore, The beer industry is in bed with the Republican party.  Let’s hope they sent the St. Pauly girl, the Bud girls, and the Silver Bullet babes over to sleep with Ohio Gov. John Kasich and his pals.  At least it will be some kind of beer-fueled fun time!

We here at Beer Conspiracy HQ are not opposed to this sort of lobbying, and in fact, we wish they would send a bevy of buxom babes with barrels of beer over here once in a while…