Barack Obama – Part of the Beer Conspiracy

It’s official. Barack Hussein Obama, The new president of the USA, is part of the vast Beer Conspiracy.

Just check out these photos:

We understand Obama is drinking a PBR in these shots.

obama about to drink a beer
obama drinking PBR
What kind of gay little beer glass is this?
What kind of gay little beer glass is this?
obama toasting with freinds

A very telling Campaign Slogan. He got our vote!


This is the most troubling image. Barack Obama selling beer in Berlin! That clinches it. He’s part of the global conspiracy based in Germany, and now he’s taken control of the entire USA!! What are his diabolical plans? We will let you know as soon as we figure them out.

beerlitics soap box statue of obama

This Obama Tap Handle is available from

Hillary swilling beer

Here we have new Secretary of State Hilary Clinton chugging a brew. As Sec. of State, she will be able to exert the influence of beer all over the world! If that doesn’t spell trouble, we don’t know what does.