The Queen of England drinks 6 units of alcohol each and every day.  We're not sure how England determines a "unit" of alcohol, but it does.  This level of consumption is categorized as Binge Drinking.  If she were anyone else, we would applaud this, but she's the monarch of a great kingdom.  What does this mean?  It means that she is being controlled by the Global Beer Industrial Complex.
If they can get to her, they can get to any of us... OK, they already did that, but ti's still kind of shocking!  Perhaps her royal titles and heritage have made her one of the Beer Overlords.  That dark cabal of powerful taste makers all over the world who control our collective destinies.  No wonder she hasn't stepped down in favor of her increasingly aged son.  Perhaps she's power drunk... or maybe just the regular kind of drunk, but either way, she's definitely one of the Beer Overlord.
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